Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A great day for Israel - and nobody noticed

Not too long ago I blogged about the fact that Israel needed more athletes.  I said that it would be great to see more Israelis enter well known sports and get top notch results there.
Well, it happened, but did anybody notice?
On Saturday June 18th, 2011 former 5 time Mr Israel and IFBB Pro Amit Sapir placed 3rd in the Toronto Pro SuperShow of Bodybuilding, and he placed 3rd and captured a spot in the Mr Olympia contest.  He is the 1st Israeli EVER to accomplish this feat! 
Mr. Olympia is no joke, it is often called the superbowl of bodybuilding, and it is where the biggest and most well conditioned bodybuilders compete to claim they are the best.
Amit will be on stage for the 202lb category, which is quite the category.  This is the last year that the division will be at 202, as it goes up to 212 in November. There will be very tight competition.
Amit is not only the 1st Israeli ever to qualify for Mr. Olympia, but he is also a 5 time Mr Israel, a feat which has not yet been matched.  If that isn't enough, he represented Israel in Olympic weightlifting as part of the Israeli squad in Athens 2004.
Fans of his have been posting pictures and videos of him all over facebook, YouTube and twitter, but where has he been mentioned in Israeli news???  Doesn't he deserve a heroes welcome?  What more can you do for a country, you serve in their army, you represent them in the Olympics, and you become the 1st citizen to accomplish a task for them, yet not even a word?
I happen to know his manager/PR rep, and Oz does a great job getting his name out there, but not too many people bit at the opportunity to cover this.  Amit is sponsored by a company named Advanced Genetics, a great well known Canadian company... shouldn't an Israeli company have his back?
I am SO very proud of Amit and happy for him and his accomplishment.
Amit, we have never met, but as a Zionist and lover of Israel I thank you for what you have accomplished.  Show the world that Israelis are capable in sports as well.
When you get to Olympia, no matter what, you have Israeli fans supporting you 110%.


  1. Great, but would be even better if he had refused to compete on Shabbat. Mr. Olympia we could do without, given its reputation as drugged to the max. I'd rather see him in a lesser known but all natural competition, getting his strength from real kosher food.

  2. Amit is a great champion. I had the honour to train with him. Israel and Canada should both be proud. He possesses inhuman physical strength, and even greater mental fortitude. Bravo Amit!

  3. Hello Neandershort
    Not all Israelis keep Kosher, and the fact is, he represented his country well and deserves credit for it.
    It is not his fault that the tournament was on a Saturday. Amit doesn't keep Shabbat, but so what, he works out and has extreme discipline. He deserves the recognition of Israel, he is an Israeli hero and a living legend to fellow Israeli bodybuilders.
    I am not a fan of Judo, but when Yael Arad won silver in Barcelona, you can bet that I was partying!

  4. You say, "it would be great to see more Israelis enter well known sports and get top notch results there."

    Is that really so important; Someone should waste so many precious hours so spectators can cheer. Give me a break. Tell them to rise to the top of Torah or Talmud contests.

    Maybe you yourself wanted to ... but didn't quite get there.

    But, in earnest, I'm sure you'll agree with me.