Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to support Israel

Many people around the world are very supportive of Israel.  Jews living in Europe, The United States, Canada and even South America are all fond of Israel.  I recently had a discussion with a Chinese associate, and he said that he has met many Israeli business men on China and he would love to visit Israel.
However, with as many supporters as Israel does have, it also has its haters.  Hezbollah and Hamas want Israel destroyed.  Neo-Nazis worldwide want Jews dead.  Palestinians want our land, and most Arab countries don't recognize Israel's existance.
I am not 100% sure that I can comment on what is happening in Egypt, pretty much after page 45 of the Hagaddah my knowledge of Egypt is minimal at best.  What I do know is this, Israel and Husni Mubarak are not friends. They have a silent peace, and its one Israel want to keep, and needs to keep.  Israel doesn't fully support Mubarak's dictatorship, but they also do not want an Islamist regime taking power in Egypt.
No matter what happens in Egypt, or even in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan for that matter is that we as Jews and proud Zionists must support the state of Israel.  There are multiple ways of doing this, and the easiest way is to make Aliyah, however, that isn't possible for all of us, and some people prefer to live elsewhere, and that is fine.
Now again the question is raised, how do I support Israel?
I cannot answer that question for you, but I will tell you how I support Israel.
First off I ALWAYS put some change into a blue box, and every year, my son and I buy trees through JNF.  I also teach my son about Israel, so that he too will grow to appreciate Israel and understand Israel's meaning in my life and his.
I buy State of Israel bonds for myself and my son, and I recommend people buy them as Bar-Mitzvah gifts as well.
I also buy T-shirts and items from Zahal and I proudly wear my Sayeret Matkal t-shirt to the gym.  I feel that more people should buy items from The IDF as it helps support the troops and their families as well.
I proudly wear the Israeli flag at Pro-Israel rallies and events, and I make sure to support Israel publicly on sites such as facebook and twitter.
Perhaps I am on the right track, maybe you have better ideas for me, either way, I do what I can.
If we can all do what we can to support Israel, we will always stand strong!

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  1. I support Israel by paying taxes ;-)
    But seriously, support and awareness of Israel by Jews in the Diaspora is the backbone of Israel, and a huge conduit for Aliyah so yes, do all that you can to support Israel and we WILL always stand strong.