Friday, February 4, 2011

Israeli contacts needed

So in my valiant effort to slowly transition my business to be in Israel, I have made a few contacts.  I have signed a few suppliers to an exclusivity deal allowing me the rights to import and distribute their products in Israel.  Most of my products would go to supplement stores, pharmacies and health food locations.
My big asset here in Canada, is I know all the big buyers.  I am well connected with Popeye's Supplements, online retailers, and hundreds of gyms and stores.  In Israel I know nobody :(
I have done my research and I know I need to contact SportPharma, which is essentially a GNC replica.  I would also like to make contact with some large pharmacy chains, I know there are quite a few.
I am looking for people who are currently in Israel who are involved in sales that would like to potentially earn a few extra commission dollars.
Please pass this information around and contact me by leaving a comment or by Direct Message on twitter

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  1. Hi Eli. A friend of mine just returned to the US after living in Israel for the past few years. She's a social media expert and may have some ideas about contacts for you. Her name is Debra Askanase and I will introduce the too of you via Twitter right now.

    Regards, Shira (@theshiramiller)