Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 more cents on Democracy

Yesterday I pointed out exactly how and why Israel is a democracy.  I want to just add a small foot note to that blog.  Israel is recognized as a democracy by some of the most well respected democracies in the World, for example Canada.
Not too long ago I wrote a blog about how PM Harper stood up for Canada. Germany and Israel have good relations. The United States is an ally to Israel, even though it appears that President Obama is somewhat anti-Israel.  Bill Clinton, Both Bushes, and even Richard Nixon all came to the support of Israel.
If Israel were not a democracy, I can assure you that would have never happened.
Israel is such a democracy, that although she didn't have to, Golda Meir resigned as PM.  (Its a great fact to know that Israel had a female leader well before Kim Campbell was PM of Canada and the US still has not had a female President).
After an investigation, Israel declared that Ariel Sharon could never act as Minister of Defense.
Those that claim that Israel is not a free country and not a democracy need a lesson in politics and history.

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  1. If Israel to you is a democracy, go live there a bit and you'll see how so much of Israeli life is in fact more KGB-like than free.

    It's not naivety that you have, just pure inexperience in what happens in that leftist-controlled land. Get in the way of some policy, or bump into some leftist judge, and quickly your dreams will spin into nightmares.