Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Canadian Zionists must support PM Harper

I can't say too much about US politics.  Yes, I follow American politics, and yes, I will openly say that I do not, and never did like Barak Obama.  If for no other reason, I think he is too left wing economically speaking and I think Obama care will kill the economy, cost the wrong people, and help very few people in the long run.
This isn't a blog about US politics though, or President Obama.  This is a blog to explain why pro-Israel and pro-Canada voters should support the Conservative and Stephen Harper.
Who was it that stood up for Israel?  PM Harper!!!  Where was Obama when this was happening?  Supporting Islam in Indonesia.  Stephen Harper's riding in Calgary is known as PumpHill.  It is a mainly wealthy, quite Jewish neighbourhood.  Not only is PM Harper still standing by his riding (something many MPs don't do) he is standing up for what he believes in.  As he said, he took scrapes and bruises standing up for Israel, but he did it.  Many politicians could have taken the easy way out, but he stepped up to the plate.
There are many issues I would like to see change here in Canada, like two tier medicare, senate reform and HST across the board (including Quebec).
Whether that happens or not is beyond my control, what I can say though is that PM Harper will have my support at the next Conservative convention (yes, I am and always have been a proud Tory) and the next General Election.
Stephen Harper stood up for Israel, and as Jews and Zionists, we must keep people like that in power.  It is sad, but not often to leaders of large nations stand up for Israel.  Obama has never stood up for Israel.  It is my opinion that if you do not support this government which strongly stands with Israel, that you are not a true Zionist.
Int his day and age, supporting Israel from Canada means supporting the Conservatives!  It also means donating money or buying trees from the JNF.  It means supporting charities that support families of lost Israeli soldiers.  It means openly speaking about Israel, and your love for that country.
PM Harper, let me just say "Thank You" for standing up for the country where my heart is.  I may be Canadian by birth, but I am Israeli by heart and blood!

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