Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel is a democracy

What is democracy? Democracy is a political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people.  So, does Israel qualify as a democracy?  The simple answer is YES.
Israel has a government elected by the people, and it is responsible to the people.  Their system of government has is that the leader of the party with the majority in their parliament (The Knesset) becomes Prime Minister.  There have been times, like now, where there is a minority government, and one of the parties forms an alliance and they decide which of the party's leaders will be PM.
Lets go beyond the election process.  People in Israel have the freedom of speech.  They have the freedom to chose if they want a higher education, and if so, they chose where to get it.  Israel allows for businesses to open, and for people to start new ventures in business.
The media is not government run, so if you wanted, you can open a newspaper, TV station or free newsletter without the fear of getting arrested, tortured, expelled or killed.
Israel has never blocked a search for Egypt on twitter or shut down cellphone communications.  People are free to congregate and to have parties, gatherings, social events and the Israeli government doesn't ban movies or TV shows from the United States, Canada and European countries.
Back to the freedom of speech for a second.  People in Israel often criticize the government, and make anti government statements, yet they are free to live in Israel without fear of getting assasinated by a government body.  People such as Joseph Dana live freely in Israel even though they speak against Israel.
Despite comments on twitter, Israel does not have, and has never had concentration camps.  Israel treats it citizens equally and fairly.  People get upset with the government, and come election time, they can speak via a free vote.  Not only that, there is government pension, health care and tax breaks for immigrants.
Is Israel perfect?  No more or less perfect than Canada or the United States.  Does Israel have its issues?  Quite a few, and they are dealt with in a manner to ensure security and safety to the citizens of Israel.
Israel is a democracy, and those that try to deny that should go visit.  Word of caution, you may like it in Israel... between the Dead Sea, the beaches of Tel-Aviv, Eilat and the Sea of the Galilea, there is loads to enjoy!

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