Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A great day for Israel - and nobody noticed

Not too long ago I blogged about the fact that Israel needed more athletes.  I said that it would be great to see more Israelis enter well known sports and get top notch results there.
Well, it happened, but did anybody notice?
On Saturday June 18th, 2011 former 5 time Mr Israel and IFBB Pro Amit Sapir placed 3rd in the Toronto Pro SuperShow of Bodybuilding, and he placed 3rd and captured a spot in the Mr Olympia contest.  He is the 1st Israeli EVER to accomplish this feat! 
Mr. Olympia is no joke, it is often called the superbowl of bodybuilding, and it is where the biggest and most well conditioned bodybuilders compete to claim they are the best.
Amit will be on stage for the 202lb category, which is quite the category.  This is the last year that the division will be at 202, as it goes up to 212 in November. There will be very tight competition.
Amit is not only the 1st Israeli ever to qualify for Mr. Olympia, but he is also a 5 time Mr Israel, a feat which has not yet been matched.  If that isn't enough, he represented Israel in Olympic weightlifting as part of the Israeli squad in Athens 2004.
Fans of his have been posting pictures and videos of him all over facebook, YouTube and twitter, but where has he been mentioned in Israeli news???  Doesn't he deserve a heroes welcome?  What more can you do for a country, you serve in their army, you represent them in the Olympics, and you become the 1st citizen to accomplish a task for them, yet not even a word?
I happen to know his manager/PR rep, and Oz does a great job getting his name out there, but not too many people bit at the opportunity to cover this.  Amit is sponsored by a company named Advanced Genetics, a great well known Canadian company... shouldn't an Israeli company have his back?
I am SO very proud of Amit and happy for him and his accomplishment.
Amit, we have never met, but as a Zionist and lover of Israel I thank you for what you have accomplished.  Show the world that Israelis are capable in sports as well.
When you get to Olympia, no matter what, you have Israeli fans supporting you 110%.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Olympics

So it has been a full year since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, and all across Canada celebrations will be happening, and in Georgia, it will be a day of mourning.
Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili lost his life in a practice run on the Vancouver luge track the day before the opening ceremonies.  During the opening ceremonies, there was a very respectful moment of silence, and that was the right thing to do.
Here is a question for you... did you know that Munich has a bid for the 2020 Olympic Games?  Same place that 11 Israeli athletes were assassinated in a terrorist plot.  Has there ever been an apology from the IOC?  NO... Has there ever been reference to the event during an opening ceremony at the Summer games?  Not to my knowledge.  2012 will be 40 years, will London do the right thing?
There is a respectful plaque in memory of the athletes in Munich, but is that enough?  If 11 US athletes were murdered, it would be remembered at each and every Olympiad.
I know it cannot happen any time soon, but I would love to see Tel-Aviv bid for the Olympics.  Until that day, us as Jews and Zionists can never forget the 11 athletes who died unnecessarily.
Let them be remembered and honoured:
The 11 Israeli team members taken hostage and subsequently murdered by PLO terrorists were:

  • Weightlifter Yossef Romano, 31years old
  • Weightlifter David Berger, 28
  • Weightlifter Ze'ev Friedman, 28
  • Wrestler Eliezer Halfin, 24
  • Wrestler Mark Slavin, 18
  • Wrestling referee Yossef Gutfreund, age 40
  • Wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, 33
  • Track coach Amitzur Shapira, 40
  • Shooting coach Kehat Shorr, 53
  • Fencing coach Andre Spitzer, 27
  • Weightlifting judge Yakov Springer, 51.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Should High Schools be peanut free?

I was having this discussion wit a cousin of mine the other day, and after a quick explanation he agreed with my point of view.  You see, I sell many health foods, but most have some form of nut int hem since nuts provide a great source of essential fats and many also offer protein and fiber.
My 4 year old son is in a private daycare, and that daycare is 100% peanut and sesame safe.  Due to that and the fact that all food served must be Kosher, no food can come into the school from an outside source.  I think that is a great policy for the safety of the kids, and to help ensure Kashrut as well.
I think that every elementary school in the world should be peanut safe, just because the younger kids don't fully understand allergies and what can happen.  I highly doubt too many grade 1 or 2 students can explain what an allergic reaction is and what the worst outcome may be.
That brings us to high school... do they need to be peanut safe?  My quick answer is no.
Most high school cafeterias are required to be peanut safe, yet they offer soda, chocolate bars and chips, therefore helping more kids fall into the trap of obesity.  Not only that, but high school students are more aware of death, and the consequences of allergies.   It is also a time for them to slowly become mature when it comes to their lives, and being proactive about their personal allergy is taking a good step.
Kids are allergic to bees, yet you cannot make a high school bee safe.  Some kids are allergic to almonds, or peaches... what about certain flowers.
I feel bad for kids who have a severe peanut allergy, I understand that it is potentially fatal, and every caution must be taken.  When a child is 15 they need to be aware of their allergies, let them ask their friends not to eat peanut butter around them.  Make sure your girlfriend doesn't eat peanuts before you skip class to go make out in the broom closet etc....
I know many cafeterias that would love to offer high quality organic bars, energy bars and protein bars, but cannot, simply because they are made in a facility that MAY have traces of peanuts.  So instead, they offer the regular array of crap... let the kids have Mountain Dew and Doritos for lunch or recess, that's the solution!
You cannot tell restaurants that they MUST be peanut safe... NO... if you have an allergy to a certain food, you have to be aware of it.  I get severe migraines from MSG, so Chinese food and most buffets are out of the question.
There are people that suffer a severe allergy to gluten, yet schools aren't told they must be gluten free and celiac safe.  If you are gluten intolerant or allergic to gluten, the duty is on you to eat what you can.
I am not trying to be insensitive, and I understand that many people will come out and say that right out of the gate, but my point is valid.  Furthermore, I think that all daycares and elementary schools should be peanut, sesame and almond safe.  I also think that more elementary schools should try to be gluten free, as that also helps children's concentration levels.
High Schools should not be peanut safe.  The big wide world is not peanut safe.  Restaurants are not peanut safe.  Most large companies are not peanut safe, neither are most law firms, accounting firms or retail locations.  Even if a high school is peanut safe, a teenager with a peanut allergy could go to the local mall on the weekend, speak to a sales person who had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and KABOOM!!!
Let High School students have peanuts!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Israeli contacts needed

So in my valiant effort to slowly transition my business to be in Israel, I have made a few contacts.  I have signed a few suppliers to an exclusivity deal allowing me the rights to import and distribute their products in Israel.  Most of my products would go to supplement stores, pharmacies and health food locations.
My big asset here in Canada, is I know all the big buyers.  I am well connected with Popeye's Supplements, online retailers, and hundreds of gyms and stores.  In Israel I know nobody :(
I have done my research and I know I need to contact SportPharma, which is essentially a GNC replica.  I would also like to make contact with some large pharmacy chains, I know there are quite a few.
I am looking for people who are currently in Israel who are involved in sales that would like to potentially earn a few extra commission dollars.
Please pass this information around and contact me by leaving a comment or by Direct Message on twitter

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to support Israel

Many people around the world are very supportive of Israel.  Jews living in Europe, The United States, Canada and even South America are all fond of Israel.  I recently had a discussion with a Chinese associate, and he said that he has met many Israeli business men on China and he would love to visit Israel.
However, with as many supporters as Israel does have, it also has its haters.  Hezbollah and Hamas want Israel destroyed.  Neo-Nazis worldwide want Jews dead.  Palestinians want our land, and most Arab countries don't recognize Israel's existance.
I am not 100% sure that I can comment on what is happening in Egypt, pretty much after page 45 of the Hagaddah my knowledge of Egypt is minimal at best.  What I do know is this, Israel and Husni Mubarak are not friends. They have a silent peace, and its one Israel want to keep, and needs to keep.  Israel doesn't fully support Mubarak's dictatorship, but they also do not want an Islamist regime taking power in Egypt.
No matter what happens in Egypt, or even in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan for that matter is that we as Jews and proud Zionists must support the state of Israel.  There are multiple ways of doing this, and the easiest way is to make Aliyah, however, that isn't possible for all of us, and some people prefer to live elsewhere, and that is fine.
Now again the question is raised, how do I support Israel?
I cannot answer that question for you, but I will tell you how I support Israel.
First off I ALWAYS put some change into a blue box, and every year, my son and I buy trees through JNF.  I also teach my son about Israel, so that he too will grow to appreciate Israel and understand Israel's meaning in my life and his.
I buy State of Israel bonds for myself and my son, and I recommend people buy them as Bar-Mitzvah gifts as well.
I also buy T-shirts and items from Zahal and I proudly wear my Sayeret Matkal t-shirt to the gym.  I feel that more people should buy items from The IDF as it helps support the troops and their families as well.
I proudly wear the Israeli flag at Pro-Israel rallies and events, and I make sure to support Israel publicly on sites such as facebook and twitter.
Perhaps I am on the right track, maybe you have better ideas for me, either way, I do what I can.
If we can all do what we can to support Israel, we will always stand strong!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Customer service & eCommerce

Like most business people in their mid 30s, I use the internet quite frequently.  I have made a comfortable living buy running internet based stores and services.  I have made good use of sites such as eBay and PayPal.  I use PayPal as the payment method on my websites too.
I can assure you that the business I am in has plenty of competition, so I have made it a point to not only offer great products at very competitive prices, but I make sure my staff offers the VERY highest quality of customer service.   All emails get answered within 24 hours and calls are answered politely and professionally.
Recently, I wanted to add a feature to one of my websites, so I called the hosting company.  According to them, since it was a feature involved in my checkout process, it was PayPal that could help.  So, I sent PayPal a very detailed and fairly simple email.  I received a reply that had a lot of writing but no answer.   I replied stating that I did not get the answer I had requested, and I am no closer to having my answer than before.  3 days of emails to and from and I still did not get a direct answer, so I called them, waited on hold for quite some time and spoke to a guy that was barely understandable.
After about 40 minutes on the phone I got frustrated and asked a simple question, "Not to be rude, but please answer with a simple yes or no, do you understand what I want?  And if you do, can it be done?"  I got a long winded answer that again, did not result in a yes or no.
eCommerce and online stores are not a fad, they are how we are going to continue shopping.  Some sites such as eBay are user friendly, easy for just about anybody to use and if used properly, can make you quite a bit of extra income.  Other sites such as Amazon are very hard to navigate and aren't very clear as to what needs to be done. 
Despite actual website design, I feel that customer service has been neglected with so many large companies that have moved towards the online service domain.  If I walked into a bank and didn't get an answer, I would likely change banks.  PayPal is lucky since it is the biggest money transfer service on the web, and for the most part, a great site and great service.
Perhaps because I come from a  restaurant and bar background that I feel that A1 service MUST be given at all times, but I feel that customer service has gone down the tubes lately.  It is very hard to find an online store that offers great products, great prices, and live friendly customer service, and that is too bad.
Although the internet is the new way of socializing and networking, we must not lose our manners, professionalism or ability to interact with our clients.  I assure you in a few years, it is the businesses that offer service and support to their clients that will survive.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 more cents on Democracy

Yesterday I pointed out exactly how and why Israel is a democracy.  I want to just add a small foot note to that blog.  Israel is recognized as a democracy by some of the most well respected democracies in the World, for example Canada.
Not too long ago I wrote a blog about how PM Harper stood up for Canada. Germany and Israel have good relations. The United States is an ally to Israel, even though it appears that President Obama is somewhat anti-Israel.  Bill Clinton, Both Bushes, and even Richard Nixon all came to the support of Israel.
If Israel were not a democracy, I can assure you that would have never happened.
Israel is such a democracy, that although she didn't have to, Golda Meir resigned as PM.  (Its a great fact to know that Israel had a female leader well before Kim Campbell was PM of Canada and the US still has not had a female President).
After an investigation, Israel declared that Ariel Sharon could never act as Minister of Defense.
Those that claim that Israel is not a free country and not a democracy need a lesson in politics and history.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel is a democracy

What is democracy? Democracy is a political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people.  So, does Israel qualify as a democracy?  The simple answer is YES.
Israel has a government elected by the people, and it is responsible to the people.  Their system of government has is that the leader of the party with the majority in their parliament (The Knesset) becomes Prime Minister.  There have been times, like now, where there is a minority government, and one of the parties forms an alliance and they decide which of the party's leaders will be PM.
Lets go beyond the election process.  People in Israel have the freedom of speech.  They have the freedom to chose if they want a higher education, and if so, they chose where to get it.  Israel allows for businesses to open, and for people to start new ventures in business.
The media is not government run, so if you wanted, you can open a newspaper, TV station or free newsletter without the fear of getting arrested, tortured, expelled or killed.
Israel has never blocked a search for Egypt on twitter or shut down cellphone communications.  People are free to congregate and to have parties, gatherings, social events and the Israeli government doesn't ban movies or TV shows from the United States, Canada and European countries.
Back to the freedom of speech for a second.  People in Israel often criticize the government, and make anti government statements, yet they are free to live in Israel without fear of getting assasinated by a government body.  People such as Joseph Dana live freely in Israel even though they speak against Israel.
Despite comments on twitter, Israel does not have, and has never had concentration camps.  Israel treats it citizens equally and fairly.  People get upset with the government, and come election time, they can speak via a free vote.  Not only that, there is government pension, health care and tax breaks for immigrants.
Is Israel perfect?  No more or less perfect than Canada or the United States.  Does Israel have its issues?  Quite a few, and they are dealt with in a manner to ensure security and safety to the citizens of Israel.
Israel is a democracy, and those that try to deny that should go visit.  Word of caution, you may like it in Israel... between the Dead Sea, the beaches of Tel-Aviv, Eilat and the Sea of the Galilea, there is loads to enjoy!

Bullet Jewellery

Today's blog is more of a question as opposed to a blog. 
Years ago, when I visited Israel, I bought a necklace with an Uzi bullet on it.  It has since been lost, but just recently, my sister visited the Holy Land and bought me another one, and as I asked her, she got one for my son too.
Why is this done?  Where did putting a bullet on a necklace come from?
I see it is now a popular trend, with companies such as bullets4peace and even a few eBay stores.
Does anybody know how this all started and what its original meaning was?
Thank you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't hate Islam

From Tunisia to Egypt we are seeing an uproar in the Arabic world.  Hezbollah are now in power in Lebanon, Iran has nuclear capabilities and suicide attacks worldwide are not slowing down.  This is a very scary time for the entire world.  Other than all this, North Korea has nuclear capabilities, and more than anybody else they are willing to use it.
As you all know by now, I am on twitter quite frequently.  I much prefer twitter to facebook, but I will leave that for another blog.  On twitter I am keeping well informed about Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and even US politics.  The amount of other fellow anti-Obama tweeters is refreshing.  I have noticed there is also quite a bit of hatred on twitter.  You have people who are anti-kosher, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel.  There are also many who "want to kill all Arabs" "Death to Muslims" "Islam is from Satan" and so on and so forth.
Here is where I make my difference.  I am a strong supporter of the State of Israel.  I do fully intend on moving there one day when my business stabilizes and my son is old enough to decide if he wants to join me or not.  I do not agree with suicide bombings, I think there are far too many Islamic extremists preaching that terror is the answer, and THEY need to stop.  That does not mean that Islam is from the devil, nor does it mean that all Arabs agree with those radicals.
There are quite a few radical Ultra-Orthodox Jews that continue to escalate problems by creating new settlements, but teaching their children that their way is the only way etc...
The point I am trying to make is that we must hate and stop those that teach that terror is the answer, but we must not hate on Islam or Muslims as a whole.  By hating them as a unit we are making the problem worse.  We need to differentiate: if you teach that suicide bombings will stop the "infidels" and that terror and war is the answer, you deserve to be hated, and you need to be stopped.  If you are a Muslim who keeps Halal and reads the Quran, but believe in peace, and education, what is the problem?
We must move forward together if we want peace.  Yes, there has been war in the Middle East since the bible was written, and no, it will not end tomorrow, but we need to start working towards that end TODAY!
Again, please don't hate Islam, hate the terrorists!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am debating MLM

I work as a successful salesman for a nutrition and health supplements company.  I think they will agree when I tell you that I am their most well established rep, although I have been there for the least amount of time.  I have helped them increase sales by just under 300% in my territory last year, and because of me, they are now fully visible on twitter, facebook, myspace and youtube.
The best part about this, is that my main income aren't my commissions.  I have been quite successful at building online store in the field, each directed towards a niche market.  I fully own and operate MuscleTov which offers all kosher snacks, meal replacements and energy bars.  Then there is the all natural site Naturally 2 Health which specializes in organic, vegan and all natural health products.
I am a proud co-owner of Round1 which aims to supply the demand of boxers and mixed martial artists.  I am already working on other sites that offer other niche products.
I am debating joining Herbalife though.  I have heard great success stories, and unlike most MLM schemes where you have to spend an huge amount each month to qualify to make money, with Herbalife, you just have to purchase SOMETHING each month, no minimums required.
I know people who had mediocre success with Isagenix, Xocai and a few others.  I will say now, I do not believe that people make $80 000.00 a month with this stuff... nobody knows anybody that really does that.
I guess it may be a nice little project to see if it actually works.  I am not looking to make a huge fortune, but extra retirement money can't hurt.
I am open to any comments about Herbalife or any other MLM for that matter.

When you see an ambulance, let them through!!!

There are many reasons I dislike Montreal as a city.  I can talk about Quebec politics, poor road conditions, corrupt Provincial and Municipal governments, lousy weather and bad drivers.  I won't get into the tax and employment issues, I'll save that for another blog another day.
What really gets to me though, is terrible needless traffic and poor drivers.  Now I will admit that I often get "aggressive" when driving, and YES, I sometimes cut people off.  I too have become used to driving here.  The one thing I am always sure to do though is pull aside and make room for Ambulances and Fire Trucks.
Listen, people who decide to risk their lives to save people from burning fires are HEROS!  People who devote their time to trying to save people's live are HEROS!  When you see a firetruck or an ambulance, do the right thing and pull over.
Many times police officers will flash their lights and turn on the sirens just to get through an intersection.  Often, the police are as corrupt as the politicians (New Orleans is the perfect example).  If you decide not to move for the police, that is your choice, just don't cry if they issue you a ticket.
Yesterday as I was diving while an ambulance was trying to get through traffic and had to make a turn.  Not only did people not move, people actually honked at the ambulance... they HONKED!!!  WTF?!?!  Who deos that?
I am quite sure if that was a friend or loved one of your in the ambulance, or waiting for the ambulance to arrive, you would want people making easy access for the driver.  What benefit do you gain from honking at the ambulance?  You are stuck in traffic anyways, and extra 45 seconds isn't going to ruin your evening.
I state again, Emergency responders are heroes.  They deserve our respect and gratitude, and they do not deserve to be blocked and honked at.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hooray for Nathalie Portman

Israeli born actress Nathalie Portman has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in the movie 'Black Swan'.  She has already won the 2011 Golden Globe award as best actress for the same role.
I have been a fan of Nathalie's since her role in the Julia Roberts movie 'Closer'.  I also thought she was great as Pricess Amidalla in Star Wars, although my favorite clip is of her on 'Inside the Actor's Studio', Its a great laugh .
I have read many interviews with Nathalie and I love how she always states that her heart is on Jerusalem.
The full article about her nomination can be read here.
I really hope she says a word or 2 in Hebrew as she accepts the award that she is highly favored to win!  Good Luck Nathalie!!!

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Israeli Athletes - we need more

    In 1972 Israel lost 11 of its athletes to a terrorist plot.  Munich became the sight of one of Israel's worst days.  The Olympics are supposed to bring the world together, yet that day, Israel was isolated.  We owe it to the memory of those 11 heroes to excel at sports in their memory.
    I was in Israel during the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games.  I'll never forget watching Yael Arad win a silver medal in Judo.  I was watching it live from the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem... an experience I will never forget.  At the time I was taking karate, my father had no clue about Judo, but the pride that he had that day was amazing.
    In the last decade, many new immigrants have made Israel their home.  Russians, Ethiopians, Americans and Canadians have all made Aliyah.  Israel has hockey team, and I can see a curling team in the near future.  For a short while, Israel even had a baseball league, and I think with the right funding and support, that can be reborn and will surely thrive.
    In the past few years, I have seen many Krav Maga schools open across Canada and the United States.  I am sure some of them aren't "real" Krav Maga, but it still opens people's eyes to the Israeli martial art.
    My hope and dream is to see more Israelis on the world stage in sports.  A few years ago, Sagi Kalev won the Mr. Israel bodybuilding contest.  He has gone on to be a fitness model, actor and Thermolife supplements "figure".  Effi Kivelevitz (also a bodybuilder) has made it to the world stage having won Mr. Israel and a few smaller US contests.
    I am sure there are a few former Soviet trained boxers that can make a great career in the ranks of boxing.  I also would love to see some Israeli blood in the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.  The UFC has expanded to England, Australia, Brazil and Canada, why not Israel?
    I truly believe that by having world class athletes, it will open people's eyes to Israel, the Jewish people, and Israeli culture.  It will also hopefully inspire younger athletes as well.  Athletics have united people and societies for thousands of years.
    I would laugh if somebody ever tried to bring a sport like Bull Riding to Israel, but then again, why not?  We all make fun of Israeli drivers, why not a NASCAR or Formula-1 driver from the Holy Land?  In all honesty though, what better way to show Country pride than by competing to have your country's flag raised?  I think that Israelis have to focus on building better athletic structure for younger generations.  Let Israel become a force to be seen come Olympic and world championship events.
    I look forward to the day the Israeli flag is raised at a sporting event and we hear Hatikva played for thousand in attendance and millions worldwide. 

    Beware terrorist in politicians clothing

    So I can say that I am kindof comfortable blogging about Israeli and Canadian politics.  I know the players, some history, their views etc... I am by no means knowledgeable about Lebanese politics.  All I can say is that I was upset to read that Hezbollah will be running the Lebanese government.
    From what I can see, Saad Hariri was the Prime Minister of Lebanon leading a joint government.  The Lebanese legislators have voted to now support Hezbollah candidate Najib Mikati.  Mikati was educated at Harvard and is a billionaire businessman.
    Sunnis went to the streets in protest yesterday as this was announced, and they fear that being backed by an Iraninan Islam regime will lead to International isolation.  Hariri asked not to get violent or cause problems, while Mikati claims he wants to rebuild Lebanon and he is there to represent ALL Lebanese.
    I am skeptical about any terrorist faction getting involved in politics.  I know it happened with the PLO, and I know it has happened in Ireland as well, but Hezbollah has 2 reasons for existance: 1 - destroy Israel and 2 - kill all westerners who do not agree with Islam.
    I am worried about relations between Lebanon and Israel, now that Lebanon is being governed by a terrorist.  Yes, he states that he is the leader of all Lebanese and he wants what is best for Lebanon, but its only day 1.
    When I was getting into business people used to tell me, beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing... well, beware of terrorists in politicians suits is pretty fair too.
    To read the full article please click here

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Weight Loss magic doesn't exist

    Have you ever watched TV or read a magazine and NOT seen an ad for weight loss, or a weight loss product?  My bet is, no, no you have not, because those ads are EVERYWHERE.  All we seem to see is the next magic weight loss miracle solution.
    Look, I'm being honest, I eat well and I hit the gym, and hard, but I still have about 20 - 25lbs to lose.  I am losing the last few pounds that I need at a nice slow and steady (not to mention healthy) pace.  2 pounds last week, hopefully another pound or two this week.  I do not believe in these "magic" pills.
    As human beings, we are less active, more static and eating unhealthier foods than ever.  We may think some of what we eat is good, but chances are, they are not.  Those lovely frozen chicken burgers with "heart healthy Omega-3s" have zero benefit to you, and they are loaded with preservatives, salts, fats and chemicals.
    There is only 1 way to lose and maintain weight.  Eat real foods, foods that you prepare, foods that are mostly fruits and vegetables.  Include a variety of mixed nuts and whole grains.  Don't be afraid to eat healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, fatty fish and flax seeds.
    Personally I love the gym.  I find that its my personal quiet time, and I enjoy that.  I can see how its not for everybody though.  Guess what, you can still get more active!  Take dance classes.  Try spinning, or aqua fitness.  Go jogging with some friends, or biking for that matter.
    I pride myself on making my money online through e-commerce, but what good is the extra free time and added wealth if I am too unhealthy to enjoy it?  Life is short, we should do what we can to live as long as possible, and enjoy it with those we love.
    Taking pills that increase heart rate, or act as diuretics may work in the short term, but they are not a solution, and they can lead to serious health risks.  Acai berries will not cause you lose 50lbs in 1 week!!!  Focusing on your health while participating in activities you enjoy will not be a chore or a challenge.  Best of all, you can do it with others.
    I know it seems like we all have an image to live up to, but guess what?  At the end of the day, you have to look yourself in the mirror and you have to sleep with your thoughts.  Be the best person you can be for you!!!  Your friends, family and those around you will likely benefit as well.
    As much as I adore free enterprise and capitalism, buyer beware, don't fall for these money traps!

    Israel does it again!

    Well, Israel has its fair share of problems, and in the international eye, may not be people's favorite country.  We all know that news media is very skewed and often overly biased, but we learn to live with that.
    Israel does have its share of International successes that have been praised worldwide (laser eye surgery for example).  Israel will forever be known for the Mossad, how the IDF rescued hostages during the Entebbe crisis.  Some even remember how they caught Eichmann.
    It is a new world out there though, and technology has taken over, and Israel has been a leader in that field as well.  The Technion University is well known and respected.
    Added to technology, our world is faced with many other issues such as illnesses and disease.  One of the more puzzling disabilities out there is Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which includes Aspergers.  For years the debate has been what causes Autism, can it be fixed, was it vaccines etc...
    Irrelevant to that, the most refined, newest, top of the class facility is being opened in Jerusalem.  This new center is focusing strictly on ASD and I am sure it will gain International recognition in no time.
    To read the full article please click here

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Is Israel an Apartheid state?

    So I want to start off by saying that I had no clue that Macy Gray still had a career.  I remember her from a few years ago having a song that was a huge hit, and I can tell you honestly I never liked her music.  Perhaps that is why I had no clue she was still around.
    Either way, she is scheduled to play in Israel (Tel-Aviv to be precise) and she asked her fans on Facebook whether she should perform in Israel since she heard it was an apartheid state and she wanted to hear from her fans.  Of course, most of her fans seem to be ignorant as to what apartheid is, and they mostly told her not to perform in Israel since "Israel discriminates and it is an apartheid state."
    Let me explain something here... Apartheid was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government of South Africa between 1948 and 1993.  What many claim to be apartheid in Israel is a security fence and border restrictions. 
    Apartheid was put in place because according to the National Party, Blacks were not equal and deserved less rights if any.  The security fence in Israel is, well, a security fence.  It is in place, as are other restrictions to help maintain security in Israel.  This was the result of an onslaught of suicide bombers killing hundreds of innocent Israeli citizens.
    In order to maintain a secure environment, secure enough for international performers such as Gray to perform in Israel, this fence was erected, security measures were put in place, and border restrictions must be maintained.
    Not a single American smiled on September 11th, 2001.  It was an awful event that took the lives of too many innocent people and ruined families for years.  We don't even have to mention the emotional damage caused to thousands of people.  When The US decided to attack Afghanistan, for the most part, there was a very high approval rating.  When Palestinian suicide bombers are stopped at the Israeli border, it prevents people from being killed.  When Hezbullah launches rockets into civilian areas nobody says anything.  When the IDF attacks a known terrorist cell block in Gaza or Lebanon, the world condemns Israel.
    It is not out of racism that these measures are in place, it is out of security and survival.  Apartheid was an African policy that was based solely on ignorance, racism and intolerance.
    Hopefully some of Macy Gray's fans can open their eyes and see that NO, Israel is not an Apartheid state.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Canadian Zionists must support PM Harper

    I can't say too much about US politics.  Yes, I follow American politics, and yes, I will openly say that I do not, and never did like Barak Obama.  If for no other reason, I think he is too left wing economically speaking and I think Obama care will kill the economy, cost the wrong people, and help very few people in the long run.
    This isn't a blog about US politics though, or President Obama.  This is a blog to explain why pro-Israel and pro-Canada voters should support the Conservative and Stephen Harper.
    Who was it that stood up for Israel?  PM Harper!!!  Where was Obama when this was happening?  Supporting Islam in Indonesia.  Stephen Harper's riding in Calgary is known as PumpHill.  It is a mainly wealthy, quite Jewish neighbourhood.  Not only is PM Harper still standing by his riding (something many MPs don't do) he is standing up for what he believes in.  As he said, he took scrapes and bruises standing up for Israel, but he did it.  Many politicians could have taken the easy way out, but he stepped up to the plate.
    There are many issues I would like to see change here in Canada, like two tier medicare, senate reform and HST across the board (including Quebec).
    Whether that happens or not is beyond my control, what I can say though is that PM Harper will have my support at the next Conservative convention (yes, I am and always have been a proud Tory) and the next General Election.
    Stephen Harper stood up for Israel, and as Jews and Zionists, we must keep people like that in power.  It is sad, but not often to leaders of large nations stand up for Israel.  Obama has never stood up for Israel.  It is my opinion that if you do not support this government which strongly stands with Israel, that you are not a true Zionist.
    Int his day and age, supporting Israel from Canada means supporting the Conservatives!  It also means donating money or buying trees from the JNF.  It means supporting charities that support families of lost Israeli soldiers.  It means openly speaking about Israel, and your love for that country.
    PM Harper, let me just say "Thank You" for standing up for the country where my heart is.  I may be Canadian by birth, but I am Israeli by heart and blood!

    Would you fight Floyd Mayweather?!?

    If you know me, you know that I am a huge supporter and fan of Floyd "Money" Mayweather.  I think if the "superfight" between him and Pacquiao ever does happen, that he will stand victorious, but that is yet to be seen.
    I do not want to veer off the topic, but I do want to say this, I think that Manny Pacquaio is a true champion.  He has proven to be a fighting champion and is for sure the people's champion.  He has nothing left to prove as a fighter, but I want him to continue fighting.
    Now, back to the topic.  I understand that Mayweather has had a few legal issues, and yes, there is the who is ducking the Pacquiao fight issue, but lets step away from that for a little while.
    Mayweather is undefeated.  As a boxer he has provided some amazing fights, and has defeated some of the biggest names in boxing, including Oscar De La Hoya (well before Pacquaio did).  He also beat Manny's soon to be opponent Shane Mosley.
    I will say this, Mayweather does seem to be very concerned about keeping his undefeated record in tact, and I cannot say that I blame him.  He is worried about his so called "legacy."  I guess I would be too.  There would be no shame in a loss on the record, and he would still go down in history as one of the best pound for pound fighters of ALL TIME.
    Here is what bugs me about this entire "fiasco".  There are always going to be haters.  People love to hate people.  I am not a huge Pacquiao supporter, but I love watching him fight.  I stated earlier what I thought about him, and if he ever the "superfight" goes down, I will be watching and cheering Floyd Mayweather.  That does not mean that I do not appreciate what Manny has done for the sport and how good he truly is.  There are boxers I dislike, but I do not hate on them.  If I wanted to hate on them, I would hate on them and challenge them to a fight.
    Facebook groups and twitter feeds are going bonkers calling Mayweather a chicken, a baby, a loser etc...  Guess what... you wanna prove that he is a loser, challenge him to a fight.  Like him or hate him, he has stepped into the ring with some of the best.  He has beaten some of the best.  His training sessions are more than most people can handle.  Go on YouTube, watch any of Mayweather's videos, or videos about him and you will see comments that include the word 'coward'.  Guess what, I bet if Floyd challenged those who wrote those comments, you would see who the coward truly is.  Even if you dislike him, even if you say it is 100% his fault the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight isn't happening, respect what he has done in the ring, and what he has to do everyday to get there.

    Why I am fed up with The Biggest Loser

    Lets start off on a good note and say that I LOVE that there is a show that proves that the only answer to obesity, and poor health is proper eating and activity.  I think it is great that people across the world watch this show and decide to get active and try and eat better.
    Most people who decide to eat better, make a few good steps, but truly don't end up eating all that much healthier, although they may cut calories which is a valiant start.  As for activity, nobody has the time to spend 6 to 10 hours a day in a gym unless you are an athlete.
    It bothers me that they have made a game about people's issues.  These people need to lose weight to basically save their lives.  The show gets the audience on an emotional roller coaster, you feel SO bad for these people, yet they are basically pawns in a chess game.
    You can read millions of blogs about the pros and cons of this show.  Many of these blogs hate on the trainers, saying they are mean, uncaring and rough.  Other blogs will praise these trainers as if they are creating world peace.  Personally, I prefer Bob as a trainer over Jillian, but in all due respect, her methods work and she has proved that.
    There is a new show on A&E Television called 'Heavy' which is a simialr type show.  2 people are taken to a private resort to work with 2 trainers and learn how to eat properly.  They are then sent home for another 4 or 5 months where they are assigned trainers and I believe even get to be followed by a nutritionist.  There is no game here, just us following the real struggles of people trying to change their lives.  You get the same emotional drama, the same success and failures, but in a more realistic setting.
    When people watch The Biggest Loser and see people lose 10 pounds in a week, they get inspired.  They go to the gym and work their asses off, eat as best they know how and then they weigh themselves... 3 pounds lost.  To most people, that is a regular weight loss in a week, and something to be VERY proud of.  However, many people see this as failure since they couldn't do what they did on TV.  What happens next?  They get discouraged, they say "I tried my best and failed" and back to square one.
    I find that Biggest Loser (along with other weight loss shows) put too much emphasis on body type, and body image, when in reality the main goal is gaining back your life and your health.
    I am still watching this newest season of Biggest Loser (season 11) and I like that there is new blood in terms of adding 2 new trainers.  I find this season very boring to be honest, and I wish we could see more of the new trainers and their "squad".
    This show was great while it lasted, but I cannot see it lasting more than another season.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    Create your Political Party here...

    How many political factions does Israel have now?  How many parties are officially in the Knesset?

    In response to Ehud Barak's dumbass idea of creating the Azmaout party, I have decided to create another party as well.  Adam Sandler will be the honorary President of the party and Ido Mossari will be nominated for Minister of Foreign Affairs.  In their honor, I will name the party the Puntachat party.

    Even better, why not make some money off of this and develop a "create your own political brand here" website.  For 3 easy payments of $9,95 you can officially register your party and we will even develop a uselss platform for you.

    The US has 300 million people and only 2 real political parties... Israel... well, lets not go there.

    I love Israel, but sometimes their politics are a bit ridiculous.  I can't wait till I am in Israel, because I do plan on having a serious political future, with a long standing well established party.

    Website review of

    Being the internet junkie that I am, I came across a very interesting website.  I discovered somebody on twitter who goes by the name @muscletov.  I decided since the name was brilliantly original, I would check out their profile.  It led me to a website I suggest you check out.

    What is muscletov?  They sell health products, proteins and meal replacements, and all of them are Kosher.  I am not sure how huge of a market that is, but its a great idea.  There is a definite use for these products.  I especially liked the PURE bars that were listed in the SNACKS section of the website.  The bars are apparently certified organic, Kosher, vegan and gluten free.

    Knowing how Kosher foods can be quite costly, I searched high and low for similar products, and their pricing either matches or betters their non-kosher rivals.  The shipping charge is also less than most websites.  They charge $7.99 for all shipments under $99.00.  Above that is free, and getting to $99.00 is quite easy.

    The website itself is clean, easy to follow, well described and user friendly.  When you place an order it goes direct to PayPal, which is my preferred way to pay anyways.

    I must say, it is nice to see businesses that focus on aspects of Jewish life that are making great advances in the general marketplace.  I can almost assure you it would have been easier for the owner(s) of Muscletov to market towards a fitness oriented or gluten free community.  Good on them for taking the high road, and even better for them not putting on extra Kosher charges.

    Check out for healthy snacks, meal replacements and proteins.  They have a great variety of gluten free and organic schtick as well!

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Bye Bye Ehud

    So Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel has left the Labour Party.  Big deal, this guy was about to be ousted anyways.  He says in his speech that he is following in the steps of other great leaders who have split from their parties (such as Ariel Sharon).  There is a difference though, Barak was about to lose his job.

    Although I must give respect where it was due, Israel has not seen as decorated a soldier as Ehud Barak.  He was a true military man, and I do not for a second doubt his love for the state of Israel.  His political career however, has been lackluster at best.  His term as PM was horrible, and he led the Labour party to its worst showing EVER!!!

    Israel does not need another political party.  They need new blood to step into Knesset and make some noise.  Quite a few years ago in Canada Preston Manning stormed onto the political scene and became leader of the opposition.  That shook things up.  In Israel, you already have the parties, they need new leaders.

    Although I do not live in Israel, the economy there is good.  People are making Aliyah daily.  ELAL is now privatized, and I believe that the country needs to focus on building a strong economy.  Build trade relations with China and other far east countries.  Strengthen ties with Canada and the US.  Netanyahu can do this.  Barak proved to be an incapable leader.  I am not saying that Bibi is the ideal leader, but Barak will not take his place any time soon.

    Ehud Barak is a legend in his own mind.  He is a nobody on the political spectrum that is the Knesset.  Yes, he has a Minister position, but really, his career in politics is over.  There are people who are very hungry to lead the State of Israel such as Tzipi Livni and Bibi.  Barak will get lost in that fight, and his new Atzmaout party will only split votes.

    Ehud, do yourself a favor and retire altogether!